Thank You Sound Drumming Students & Madrona MindBody!

Big thanks and shout-out to my wonderful Sound Drumming
students who showed up for our mini-performance of Fanga
at Madrona MindBody Institute's 10th Anniversary
Open House on Saturday, October 22nd.

Thank you Kathy P., Lyn, Josh, Diana, Dale, & Kathy D.
So much fun singing and playing with you all.
Really appreciate all of you being there.

(Love the photo bomb, Grace!)


Thanks also to Aletia, Nelia and Allison of Madrona for letting me teach at your beautiful studio and for being a part of this amazing celebration. I have so enjoyed working with you all over the years helping first with graphic design services for Nia Port Townsend, then on to Madrona's print, signage and website needs. I owe it all to David Conklin who introduced me to Allison and Nia so many years ago.
I am truly grateful and honored.


If you're wondering about taking a beginning drum class, know that 3 of the people drumming at this event only had 5-6 lessons. Two of them had 6 months of lessons and one of them Kathy P. has been drumming for many years. It's about the quickest instrument you can learn to play and feel proficient on. It's fun and healing all at the same time. I hope you can join me soon for classes or private lessons. Learn more at Photo by

“You are awesome, patient, and supportive teacher. I have taken lessons with so many teachers, performed many times. Today was pretty perfect. So proud of you and us!”