About Sound Drumming


Adrienne Robineau, Instructor

I studied drumming with Bill Matthews, of Fremont Drum, in Seattle for 3 years in the late 90s. After my second year, I was invited to play in his advanced performance group, taught his beginning drumming classes, drummed for 3-hour long weekly African dance classes, and played gigs around Seattle with a local drumming band.

I began playing on congas, then with Bill’s help I assembled my own djembe. I also have several beautiful ashikos—fun for playing and small enough for travel—two of which were built by my “cousin” Joel Roberts of L.A., from upcycled wood.

Though I'm not a drumming expert, I learned a lot in a short amount of time and after all these years, I still enjoy teaching beginners. Thank you Bill!

When I'm not drumming, you might find me riding my bike, walking on the beach picking up garbage, making art, hugging my cats, hosting a party, or most likely slaving over a hot computer at my home office.

I am a freelance graphic designer providing digital and print services in Port Townsend since 2004 and running Isabel Bay Design since 2001. If you look at my portfolio, I'm sure you'll recognize my work from around town. 

In July 2018, Ilana Smith transferred ownership of Room to Move Yoga studio in Uptown Port Townsend to me.  I'm honored and grateful to run this award winning mindful movement studio, which has continuously provided a much needed community service to hundreds of people a week for 20 years!