Beginning African Haitian Cuban Hand Drumming Classes & Lessons

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Looking for a fun, relaxed and gradual way to learn hand drumming?
Curious about the joy and power of drumming rhythms?
If so, please join this beginning drum class.

Following the Will (aka “Bill”) Matthews’ method of teaching and learning rhythms,  learn to play African, Cuban and Haitian ensemble hand drum rhythms as well as the basics of rhythm and small percussion parts.

In these introductory classes you’ll learn elemental techniques, be able to join in and play simple rhythms, while connecting to our local community and creating powerful ensemble rhythms.

As your drumming skills progress, we’ll delve deeper into each rhythm learning all the parts for drums, voice and small percussion, and how they blend together.


No experience needed. This class is geared for total beginners and anyone wanting to refresh their drumming wisdom at a slow pace. The intention is to have fun during a shared learning experience.

Please bring your own drum: djembe, ashiko, bougarabou, or conga, and two drum sticks. Or borrow a drum during class.*

Optional: bring any small percussion (bells, shakers, clave, etc.), and/or any rhythm books by Will Matthews you may have.

Intro to Hand Drumming WITH Adrienne Robineau

For total beginners! No experience necessary! All classes at my home in Uptown, Port Townsend, WA (Allergy Alert: I have 2 cats; with air filter running and surgical masks available.)

Contact me for more info. No charge for drum use during class.


SUNDAYS, 5:00-6:15 p.m.

November 3*, 10, 17, 24 & December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

*Clocks change 11/3 • NO CLASSES in October!

Please listen:


$135 for 9 Classes in Nov/Dec 2019. Or $18 Drop-in

Email to sign-up, then pay at first class with Cash/Check; OR pre-pay with PayPal / Credit Card below…

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Do you already have some hand drumming experience?
If so, please contact me about joining this advanced drum class.


Continuing classes for students who have drummed for 1 year or longer and enjoy the challenge of harder, more complex ensemble rhythms. All classes at my home in Uptown, Port Townsend (Allergy Alert: I have 2 cats; with air filter running and surgical masks available.)

START ANYTIME! Contact me for more info. No charge for drum use during class.


Email to sign-up, then pay at first class by Cash/Check only:

  • Drop-in: $18/class

  • 4-Class Punch Card: $64.00

  • 8-Class Punch Card: $120.00

  • 16-Class Punch Card: $224.00

Punch Cards expire 6 months after purchase. If you have classes to make up from a past series, talk to me, we'll work something out.


MONDAYS, 5:00-6:30 p.m.

  • October 7, 14, 21, 28

  • November 4, 11, 18, 25 (*Clocks change 11/3)

  • December 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Please listen:

"Just registered for session II... You are a wonderful teacher, I look forward to learning more, and eventually getting that slap!"

“As an amazing drummer herself, Adrienne makes the class fun and informative. While showing patience and consideration for everyone’s learning ability.”

"You are an inspiration and awesome teacher! Thank you so much for your encouragement, patience, direction."

“I love drumming and love the class and hope to continue.”

“Adrienne is a great teacher for me as she is attentive to each individual and challenging to all. I have been looking for a class like this for a long time. It is fun and you get to understand how to use bells and sticks as well.”

"I LOVE our class and your instruction. I’ve truly honestly never had so much fun and learned so much in such a short time. THANKS!"

“Thanks for all that you offer; my soul is so happy to be drumming again and I am grateful that I found you! Look forward to many fun jams in the future.”

*Don't have a drum to play?

If you don't have a drum, can't find one to borrow, buy, or rent, feel free to use one of my drums during class. (When playing one of my drums please remove (or tape) all hand jewelry, thanks.)

I highly recommend renting or borrowing a drum before purchasing so you can get an idea of what kind of drum you like and so you can also learn how to judge the quality of drums in general. Contact me if you have further questions or concerns.

Ready to buy a drum?

Shop Sound Drumming! I currently have one drum for sale and periodically will have more. With a bit of luck, I can find just the right drum for you!

Shop Crossroads Music, in Port Townsend. They will have drums in stock for rent or purchase on occasion.

Shop Fremont Drum, in Seattle, (now in Ballard.) Will Matthews (formerly known as “Bill”) teaches a FREE beginning drum class at NOON on Saturdays and will happily hang out after class to show you the drums he has for sale. Otherwise, make an appointment with Will to shop for drums. Prices typically range from $300-400.

Follow me on Facebook... Thanks!

Get your Sound Drumming custom logo drum sticks!

These beautiful babies are top-quality and made of durable, natural-colored, hickory wood.

They are 16” long, 0.595” in diameter, have tear-drop nylon tips for reducing damage to your drum head, and have a short taper, so it’s comfortable to hold from either end of the stick.

And they have a wonderful, smooth, lacquer finish with the Sound Drumming logo emblazoned upon them.

$18 a pair, supplies limited. Available in class or contact to purchase (additional fee for shipping.)


If you have any Will (aka “Bill”) Mathews rhythm book, old or new, please bring it to class. If you don’t have one, I’ll have some copies of the The New Conga Joy book, for sale at each class for $20 (and a portion of the proceeds will go to a worthy charity.) They aren’t required, but you might find them helpful for learning and remembering the rhythms I’ll be teaching. Quantities limited, but I can reorder. Let me know if you’d like to reserve a copy. 

Weather & Class Cancellations

Be sure to protect your drum from theft, heat in summer, and freezing temps in winter, by never leaving it in your parked car.  When transporting, use a drum case, or fabric wrap to protect the drum head from rain.

Classes may be cancelled due to weather conditions.

Should I need to cancel a class, I'll do my best to email/text students beforehand and schedule a make-up class after. I'll also put a notice up at my front door.

If I’m unable to teach a class due to illness, I'll try to find a substitute student-teacher.


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